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Bossa Affinado

American Bossa Nova

Bringing the spirit and sensuality of São Paulo and Rio De Janeiro's music to your party is now possible.

​Let us introduce you to Bossa Afinado. 

From Brazil to New York City and Los Angeles, the musicians of Bossa Afinado play a repertoire mixing the traditional and modern sound of Bossa Nova. The band features smooth vocals and a traditional seven-string Brazilian guitar.

Bossa Afinado is available as a duet, but for a full musical experience, the band may include an acoustic bass, a flute, an accordion, and/or a pandero (traditional percussion from Brazil).

The popular combination of saxophone, keyboards, drums, and electric bass, combined with sultry vocals, guarantees to create a very smooth ambiance, similar to lounge music.

Bossa Nova Music

Bossa Nova Music

Bossa Nova Music