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Are you looking to add a touch of passion to your next event?

Alegría, our Flamenco act, is the answer.

Alegría, which means "joy" in Spanish, is a flamenco act mixing tradition with a  modern  touch. The music will take you to Andalucía, in the streets of Sevilla, where the music was born. Flamenco may have spread across ages and cultures, but the music has always kept the same passion alive, and Alegría represents this legacy of passion.


The flamenco performance may be configured as a solo guitar performance, instrumental only or with vocals, both of which is perfect for a private and intimate setting.

To experience the full sensation of the Flamenco music, the band may also Include a second guitar player, a singer, a dancer, or a percussionist. ​


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Flamenco Guitar (Instrumental)
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Spanish Guitar And Vocals
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