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Via Paris

​French-American Jazz

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The New York City-based Via Paris Jazz Band is a unique ensemble, and one of our most popular options as an alternative to the standard jazz band.

The music of Via Paris is fresh and joyful. It features a unique blend of French and American songs from the 1940s. Each performance offers a French ambiance sprinkled with American swing, right here in New York City.

​The band is led by world-class artist & vocalist Chiara Izzi, who made her debut on the international jazz scene in 2011 after winning the Montreux jazz competition in Switzerland and receiving the first prize from the legendary Quincy Jones. The guitar and violin featured in the band are reminiscent of the iconic artists Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grapelli.  


Available as an instrumental ensemble or featuring vocals, Via Paris Jazz band will set the perfect tone.

The band is currently located in New York City and makes its mark at some of the most prestigious venues in the city. Via Paris Jazz Band has notably performed in the following venues: 

  • Guggenheim Museum (NYC)

  • The Museum of the City of New York

  • The Whitney Museum

  • The Lambs Club 

Via Paris Jazz Band brings an elegant French touch to your event. Imagine being whisked back to the roaring 20s through the fabulous 50s with classic songs from Edith PiafCharles Trenet, and Frank Sinatra.

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Whether you are looking for a voice, a melodic acoustic guitar, or something else, the band can perform as a trio, quartet, or another combination of violin, bass, accordion or clarinet. ​Via Paris is guaranteed to make your guests feel special.

Via Paris Jazz Band

Via Paris Jazz Band
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Oasis Artists - Via Paris Jazz Band - Charles Trenet - Y'a d'la Joie (1936)
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Oasis Artists - Via Paris Jazz Band
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