​Pop Music Packages


A trio is a popular option for cocktail hour or a small party. It creates a nice background music and offers more dynamism than a solo or duo performance.



With a quintet, we enter into the full sounding band category. The combination of drums, bass, keyboard, guitar, and singer, allows the band to make excellent renditions of many pop and rock songs.


The octet offers a wider repertoire thanks to the addition of two singers and one horn. With up to three singers in the band, this combo can cover more music genres and iconic artists with more authenticity. 

Higher Ground

Higher Ground represents a 11-piece cover band featuring 2 female singers, and 2 male singers. It also features the addition of a 3-piece horn section.

With this configuration the band can play Motown, Soul, Funk, and many oldies with a true feel and authenticity. 

Pop Town Sugar

Pop Town Sugar is our platinum package and gives you precisely everything a band needs in order to match the record industry quality. This ultimate combo features up to 4 female singers, 2 male vocalists, 2 guitarists, and a 3-piece horn section.


Pop Town Sugar is the perfect combo for large scale events. Each performance of the band is carefully customized in order to adequately embrace the theme of the event, and interface smoothly with specific moments such as food service, speeches, and other special appearances.